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Big Changes Coming To Part 107

Instant airspace authorizations, flights beyond VLOS, and flight over crowds all coming soon?!

Stay ahead of what’s coming with Part 107 and check out the video below. – Jason

Approved Part 107 Waiver/Airspace Authorization

Did you know that to date the FAA has only approved 81 airspace authorizations. I’m proud to say we’re one of those. Nearly 1,000 have been submitted yet the FAA is throwing out nearly 90% of them! Why is this the case and how can you get yours approved? I’ll share some of that in this video.

RemotePilot101 customers! The full version of my application process and more details on this authorization will be posted this weekend inside of the Bonus section of the course

Part 107 Practice Webinar

Thank you all for another awesome webinar. You all always bring such awesome energy! Thank you for being such a blessing to myself and my family. Enjoy the webinar recording. – Jason

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Understanding Airspace

If this video helped you imagine what our entire course could do! Check it out by clicking here

Course highlights:
– Video Based Training
– 57 full 4k quality videos
– Created From Our 10 Year Experience In FAA Testing
– Only $99 and It’s Your For Life
– Most People Complete The Course in 1-2 Weeks

We’re here if you need anything don’t hesitate to submit a support ticket or start a live chat. – Jason

Practice Part 107 Knowledge Test Recording

Curious to see inside the FAA Part 107 Knowledge Test? In this webinar I share 7 actual FAA questions and their answers live with our audience. Enjoy – Jason

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Required Part 107 Documentation

What does CFR 107 require for sUAS Remote Pilots to carry on them or document before and after each flight?

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What Questions Will the FAA Ask Me on My FAA Knowledge Test

Thank you for an amazing webinar. You guys really know your stuff and asked some wonderful questions. I’m so thankful you took time out of your busy day to be on the webinar or watch this recording.

Enjoy the recording below and please don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

NOTE: The offer in the webinar still stands because you’re watching this recording! CLICK HERE to get signed up.

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