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Remote Pilot Popular Knowledge Test Questions – Episode 1

What a blessing it is to have over 13,000 people pass their Part 107 using our course! You can imagine that with this many users we have a good handle on what the frequently asked questions are. In this series we will be answering the most popular questions, but not just giving you the answers… our mission is to help you actually understand these concepts to become a safe and knowledgable drone operator.
In this episode we will cover use of sUAS in the United States that are registered in foreign countries.

The State of Part 107

Where is Part 107 currently and where will the FAA be taking it in the future? I’ll share that with you in this quick video.

The Secret To FAA Part 107 Waivers and Authorizations

What’s the secret to getting Part 107 Authorizations and Waivers approved? In this video I’ll share with you some of my best tips and how to speed up the process.

Have You seen our earlier video on the future of FAA Part 107 waivers and authorizations? If not CLICK HERE to check it out

The Future of FAA Part 107 Waivers and Authorizations

Where will the part 107 waiver and authorization process be in 6-12 months? Let me share with you what we learned directly from the FAA.

Have you also seen our video on the secret to earning FAA Part 107 authorizations and waivers the first time? CLICK HERE to watch it.

How To Register Your Drone

Actually registering the drone is easy. It’s the other questions you have that bring up other concerns. Should I register as a hobby or commercial? What if I’m only going to fly commercial just once or twice? How does the FAA define commercial operations? What if I buy the drone from someone else or want to sell a drone that’s registered to me?

In the two videos below I answer those questions.

How to register and what to do if you buy/sell a used drone

Commercial vs Hobby Registration

3 Trick FAA Part 107 Questions

We get to see all of the FAA trick part 107 questions. In this video I select 3 of them and share with you the right answers.

Big Changes Coming To Part 107

Instant airspace authorizations, flights beyond VLOS, and flight over crowds all coming soon?!

Stay ahead of what’s coming with Part 107 and check out the video below. – Jason

Approved Part 107 Waiver/Airspace Authorization

Did you know that to date the FAA has only approved 81 airspace authorizations. I’m proud to say we’re one of those. Nearly 1,000 have been submitted yet the FAA is throwing out nearly 90% of them! Why is this the case and how can you get yours approved? I’ll share some of that in this video.

RemotePilot101 customers! The full version of my application process and more details on this authorization will be posted this weekend inside of the Bonus section of the course

Part 107 Practice Webinar

Thank you all for another awesome webinar. You all always bring such awesome energy! Thank you for being such a blessing to myself and my family. Enjoy the webinar recording. – Jason

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