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Learn Exactly What’s on the FAA UAS Knowledge Test and See Actual FAA Test Questions

Complete Course for 3 months 


Complete Course for Life 



Everything you need and nothing you don’t to pass your FAA UAS Knowledge test with flying colors and be a safe real world sUAS Remote Pilot in command.

Click on the lessons below to view the modules & video run times.

Full Course

Lesson 1: Rules & Regulations

1.1 Part 107 Eligibility 2:30
1.2 Part 107 Definitions 3:17
1.3 Remote PIC Responsibility 5:55
1.4 Required Documentation 6:57
1.5 Night Operations 5:03
1.6 Visibility and Cloud Clearance Requirements1:57
1.7 Maximum Speed and Altitude 2:58
1.8 Right of Way Rules 2:24
1.9 Operations Over Non-Participants 2:47
1.10 Operations From a Moving Vehicle 3:41
1.11 Weight Limitations1:09
1.12 Certificate of Waiver4:38

Lesson 2: Airspace

2.1 Class B7:41
2.2 Class C4:37
2.3 Class D2:59
2.4 Class E & G5:25
2.5 Other Airspace10:58
2.6 AGL & MSL7:50
2.7 Advanced Airspace3:22

Lesson 3: UAS Weather & Weather Sources

3.1 METARS10:30
3.2 TAFs7:09
3.3 HEMS Tool4:19
3.4 Weather Briefs4:13
3.5 Stable vs. Unstable Air3:30
3.6 Surface Friction3:32
3.7 Cloud Formations & Types7:57
3.8 Advanced Weather8:45

Lesson 4: UAS Loading & Performance

4.1 Flying a Payload1:20
4.2 Weight and Balance5:13
4.3 Performance Factors3:56
4.4 Load Factor2:57
4.5 Stalls & Aerodynamics3:44
4.6 Basic CG Performance4:50

Lesson 5: Crew Resource Management

5.1 Hazardous Attitudes3:21
5.2 Crew Roles5:08
5.3 Contingency Procedures4:24
5.4 Drugs and Alcohol5:39
5.5 Crew Fatigue1:31
5.6 Hyperventilation & Stress Management1:54

Lesson 6: Airport/Field Operations

6.1 NOTAMS & TFR's7:31
6.2 Obstacles3:51
6.3 Airport Traffic Patterns5:53
6.4 FCC Frequencies2:58
6.5 NTIA Privacy1:11
6.6 VFR Sectional Chart Symbols11:36
6.7 Longitude and Lattitude11:01
6.8 Mission Based Charting23.50
6.9 Advanced Chart Symbols7:47
6.10 B4UFly App3:45
6.11 Insurance3:33

Lesson 7: Radio Communications

7.1 Chart Supplements (AFD)4:07
7.2 Sectional Chart Frequencies7:03

Lesson 8: Emergency Procedures

8.1 Lost Link4:05
8.2 Flyaway's2:39
8.3 UAS Fire3:35
8.4 Accident Reporting4:23

Lesson 9: Preflight and Maintenance

9.1 Scheduled & Unscheduled Maintenance6:24
9.2 Maintenance Documentation3:15
9.3 Preflight Checklist3:59

Lesson 10: Final Exam

10.1 Summary2:47
10.2 The Final Exam2 hours

We’ll Even Help You Submit Your Knowledge Test to the FAA to Earn Your Certificate

About Your Webinar Presenter (excerpt from Wikipedia)

Jason Schappert is a pilot and author of 8 best selling aviation flight training books. He is a CFII and ATP rated. Jason was named AOPA’s Top Collegiate Flight Instructor in 2008 and Outstanding Flight Instructor of the year in 2014 & 2015. He is also the producer of an innovative online piloting school, known as MzeroA.com’s Online Ground School. As a flight instructor with over 8,000 hours of dual given (instruction given time).

Schappert began flying at age 12, and did his first solo flight at 16. He subsequently became a flight instructor, and earned all the ratings up to ATP, including private pilot certificate, instrument rating, and Commercial Pilot Certificate. Schappert currently flies a Cessna 172.

Jason was named National Intercollegiate Flying Association (NIFA) Top Collegiate Flight Instructor in 2008 and 2012. In 2009 he created a program called Future Pilots Flight Academy for aviation-minded youth in conjunction with the Discovery Science Center.

He was named AOPA‘s Outstanding Flight Instructor of the year in 2014, 2015, 2016, & 2017.

Schappert Produced the Flying Again Movie  featuring rusty pilots who have not flown anywhere from 2 to 30 years. This effort was then featured on the TV series The Aviators.

Jason Schappert

President, MzeroA.com